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For Physicians, Physician Assistants, Nurses, Respiratory Therapist, Chamber Operators, Diving Supervisors, Emergency Medical Personnel

These Programs meet all requirements set by the American College of Hyperbaric Medicine, and Undersea Hyperbaric Medical Society for training in Hyperbaric Medicine and for certification, for Diver Medic through the completion of Module 16, Plus advanced medical training for the National Board of Diving and Hyperbaric Medical Technologist and for allied Medical personnel to be come DMT's.

The Hyperbaric Medicine Team Training allows individuals to sit for the CHT exam following the completion of prerequisites set by the NBDHMT.

This program meets all requirements for NBDHMT Re-certification Credit Hours. CME's and CEU's available for RN's, EMT's, and RT's Physician's, PA's, Hyperbaric Medical Technicians, Rescue Personnel, Chamber Operators, Diver's

Up to 68 hours AMA Cat-1 CME Course for Physicians and Physician Assistants


DMT - Diver MedicDESCRIPTION: These programs are designed to teach medical personnel, dive supervisors and rescue personnel advance chamber and medical techniques for medically evaluating dive candidates. Course covers early recognition of signs and symptoms of DCI, feild management, evacuation and treatment of dive accident victims, pharmaceutical agents, total recompression chamber operations and the use of gasses during hyperbaric exposures and medical equipment in the hyperbaric environment. These techniques include saturation and non-saturation treatment procedures for divers, patients and observers.

CME/CEU CREDITS: DIVER MEDIC TRAINING 68.5 Hours, Category 1, AMA through UTMB, NBDHMT Module 16, for Allied Medical Personnel to become DMT's. Rectification hours for NBDHMT CEU's available


FEE: $500.00 (includes Text Materials and Manuals')


Hyperbric MedicineDESCRIPTION: This program will convey to diving medical officers (physicians) the philosophies of the physics, physiology, pathophysiology and the medical aspects of compressing patients and observers within the hyperbaric environment ensuring the CNS/Pulmonary and Decompression Limits balance out for safe treatment protocol. This program is an excellent opportunity for all medical personnel to learn advanced diving physics, physiology and the medical aspects for proper treatments.

CME/CEU CREDITS: 61.0 Hours, Category 1, AMA through UTMB, NBDHMT, for Medical Personnel. Rectification hours for NBDHMT CEU's available


FEE: $500.00 (includes Text Materials and Manuals')


Hyperbaric Medicine Facility
University of Texas Medical Branch
301 University Boulevard, Rt. 1115
Galveston, Texas 77555-1115
(409)772-1307 FAX (409)772-6518

Any Class Inquires Can Be Made To: DMT@RescueDiver.org

Programs Curriculum Covers:

General Medicine: Patient Assessment, Mechanical Aids,  Basic Life Support, Soft Tissue Injuries, Practical Application of all First Aid Skills, Chamber Operations

Diving Physics: Partial Pressure Oxygen, Calculation of Pressure, Mathematical Formulas, Gas Therapy, Chamber Operations, Diving Formulas

Physiological Implications: Oxygen Life Support Limits CNS Oxygen Toxicity, In Water Use of Oxygen, Pulmonary Oxygen Toxicity, Unit Pulmonary Toxicity Dose, Vital Capacity Decrement Physical Fitness for Diving, Percentage Predicting of Vital Capacity Decrement, Pulmonary 02 Toxicity, Reversal & Restart Times for Pulmonary 02 Toxicity, Implications of Carbon Dioxide

Treatment Modalities for Clinical Hyperbaric's: Air or Gas Embolism, Decompression Illness, Carbon Monoxide, Necrotizing soft tissue infection, Clostridial Myonecrosis, Osteomyelitis, Mixed Crush injury, Compartment syndrome, Exceptional Blood loss (anemia), Osteoradionecrosis, Thermal Burns, TCPO2

Diving Medicine: Barotrauma of Ears and Sinuses, Barotrauma of the Lungs, Practical Application of Medical Skills , Treatment of Decompression Illness

Decompression Illness (DCI): History of DCI, Physiological Considerations, Manifestations, Diagnosis, Dive Table Development, Critical Care of DCI, Treatment Table Selection, Medications for DCI, Calculations for Gas Supply, Chamber Operations, Chamber Dives, Care for Critical Care Dive Patients, Patient Management, Fluid Management, Tension Pneumothorax, Pre-screening Patients for Safety, Scenarios to Practice Skills

Class Evaluation and Critique

Lodging at Holiday Inn On The Beach. Located on Seawall Boulevard, ten minutes away from the University of Texas Medical Branch. The Holiday Inn on the Beach is right across the street from the beautiful Gulf of Mexico and a short drive from the historical Strand District. For reservations call (409) 740-3581 or (800) 452-6002.

University of TexasThe University of Texas Medical Branch

The UTMB at Galveston is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education to sponsor continuing medical education for physicians. UTMB designates this continuing medical education activity for 61 hours for HYPERBARIC MEDICINE TEAM TRAINING and 68.5 hours for DIVER MEDIC TRAINING in Category I of the Physician's Recognition Award of the AMA. Each physician should claim only those credit hours that he / she actually spent in the activity.

Class Inquires Can Be Made To: DMT@RescueDiver.org

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